Monday, March 7, 2011

Indian Brocade Versatile Lady Clutch

I've been living in Singapore for 2 years now and I've never been to the neighboring Malaysian province of Johor.  Johor is just a 45 min trip from where I live and the fabrics there are sold at half the price compared to what we can find in Spotlight. So there it is, I braved to search for the old town mall of Plaza Angsana in this  textile shop called Kamdar. It was overwhelming to choose from what seemed to be a hundred rows of  rolled textile of different textures, colors and patterns.

Using an Indian brocade black and red fabric with maroon lining and piping,  this versatile clutch would go well with anything, from a little black dress to a pair of shirt and jeans. The brocade was really difficult to handle and i wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome, but I compensated the flaws by accessorizing. 

Credits to Kerstin Martensson ( for the nice pattern.

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